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wexparanormal: May 31st, an 800 year-old haunted Co. Wexford castle. Would you survive the night? Ring Enniscorthy Castle (053) 923 4699 for tickets + info
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wexparanormal: Just 8 days to the Charity Public Paranormal Investigation in Enniscorthy Castle - call the castle on (053) 923 4699 for tickets and info
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wexparanormal: Follow Wexford Paranormal on Facebook at
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wexparanormal: Charity Public Paranormal Investigation with Wexford Paranormal in Enniscorthy Castle on May 31st, 2013. Tickets available-Call 053-9234699
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wexparanormal: Tickets on sale today for Wexford Paranormal charity investigation in Enniscorthy Castle on May 31st. Call Enniscorthy Castle (053) 923 4699
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Welcome to Wexford Paranormal

Wexford Paranormal is a not-for-profit group set up to facilitate research into the paranormal, ghosts and suspected hauntings.

We are based in County Wexford, Ireland and we are actively involved in investigating suspected paranormal activity, ghosts and hauntings throughout Ireland and the UK. In doing so it is our hope to advance wider understanding in this area as well as further develop public awareness of, and engagement with the spirit world and those who have crossed over.

For as long as man has told stories, ghosts have existed. So, what exactly is a ghost? Could it be that ghosts exist because of the stories or do the stories exist because the ghosts do? We firmly believe that it is only through a growth in understanding that which we have until now choosen to fear, that the experience of fear can be removed.

"There is a reason why all things are as they are." (Bram Stoker)

The Wexford Paranormal team are available to help where unexplained events and suspected ghosts or hauntings are causing fear, upset or discomfort.

We guarantee complete discression and confidentiality at all times. We do not reveal the identity of anybody who avails of our services and we are discreet. Our members volunteer their services and we never charge for investigations. Our investigations are based primarily on scientific methodology and we never judge.

So if you feel you are having problems with a ghost, ghosts, poltergeists or any form of suspected haunting or paranormal activity, please feel free to contact us and we will help you in any way we can.


Pre-Order the Haunted Wexford Book 

DID YOU KNOW? with Wexford Paranormal

"Anomalous Experience"

Refers to unusual experiences that cannot be explained in terms of current scientific knowledge.



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