We work on a scientific basis and we investigate reported cases in a rational and balanced manner. While we listen and make reference to everything that is reported to us, unless we are able to record and substantiate individual aspects, we set them aside as we are only able to work with occurrences and events that we can record and analyze.

We automatically assume from the start that we will be able to explain all reports rationally and it’s only when we run out of options that we start to consider that there may be something else at play.

In short, in the course of an investigation, we record, review and analyze everything. We often review recorded media many times and in a variety of ways to help us ascertain and understand exactly what is happening.

So, what sort of things are we interested in?



Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) are essentially invisible areas of energy or radiation that is generally associated with the use of electrical power. We are interested in high levels of EMF as they can help explain why witnesses might have different experiences at different times. EMF fields also tell us tat there may be something happening in the vicinity that is not necessarily visible.


Video is huge with us and we have a wide range of video cameras, all of which have night vision which allows us to effectively see and record in the dark. Many of our video cameras are hand-held, although we sometimes fix them on tripods. We also have a fixed camera system (DVR) which also has night vision and audio recording capability as well as trap cameras .


Audio is also very important to us in investigations and we have a variety of audio recorders, including digital, cassette tape and reel-to-reel devices.


We take lots of still photos. We have a number of digital still cameras, again all of which have Infra Red night vision and many have full spectrum capability which allows us to take photos in the dark and with a wider frequency spectrum than we can normally see with our eyes.


Thermal or heat sensitiveA person who can supposedly see or feel ghosts, spirits and ... photography allows us to locate and identify sources of heat in the vicinity and can be invaluable when assessing locations.


Typically, we accumulate a huge amount of material using the above types of devices in the course of an investigation and this all has to be reviewed a number of times.

Once we have completed our investigation and analysis, we will then consider a course of action.



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