Intelligent hauntings are where a spirit is aware of the living world and interacts with it in some way. The interaction may be in the form of communication with a person present, the movement of an object or performing an action related to the location, for example opening or closing a door.

This type of haunting differs greatly from a residual haunting because a spirit entity is present and is capable of interaction while with a residual haunting, a spirit entity is not present and what happens is similar to the playback of a recording.

With intelligent hauntings, the spirit entity present may have decided to remain in this world or may have a compelling reason to return due to an attachment with a person, place or object or to perform an action. In some cases, the spirit may not even realize it is dead which can happen if the person died very suddenly or unexpectedly. There may also be the need to bring an unfinished task to completion or to correct an injustice. Intelligent or interactive hauntings are generally associated with physical activity like slamming, opening, closing, unlocking doors and windows, voices, and sounds and there may also be the sensation of strong presence, a scent, or touch. In some cases, the ghost may manifest itself in the form of an apparition or mist.

It is also suggested that spirit entities may return, quite simply, in visitation.

It is important to remember that there will always be awareness and interaction with this type of paranormal activity.



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