Hauntings and cases of paranormal activity are often classified into types, which refer directly to specific characteristics of that particular case.

The four main types or categories are Residual,  Intelligent, Shadow and Poltergeists and it is important to recognise that individual cases will seldom fall neatly into one category or another.

The links below outline further details of each type.


Residual Hauntings

are very much like video replays that are triggered by some external stimulus and are completely unaware of the observer.

Intelligent Hauntings

With Intelligent Hauntings, the presence or spirit entity is aware of it’s surroundings and can communicate with the observer.

Shadow Figures

are generally observed in the viewer’s peripheral vision and are often reported as moving with quick, jerky, fleeting movements.


activity typically includes inanimate objects moving or being thrown about, noises such as knocking which can often be severe.

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