Shadow figures or Shadow people as they are often called, are dark shadow-like figures that resemble the human form. They are often seen on walls, in corners, in dark hallways or on ceilings in the viewer’s peripheral vision and have been reported as moving with quick, jerky movements before suddenly disappearing.

Shadow Figures are one of the most widely reported paranormal phenomenaA term used to describe more than one event or occurrence th.... Shadow people have been observed in daylight and many have observed them in full vision, although it is more common to catch a sighting from the corner of the eye and although they appear to be harmless, extreme fear and a feeling of overwhelming dread can often accompany a sighting.

It has been suggested that a state, known as hypnogogia may explain some sightings of shadow figures. During hypnogogia, a person will be aware of their immediate environment and at the same time be in a dream like state where they can receive images from the subconscious that they percieve to be real. Hypnogogia would not explain the appearance of shadow figures where the subject is wide awake.

It has also been ventured that shadow figures are caused by nothing more than overactive imaginations and neurological disorders that trigger hallucinations or visual disturbances. However, in many cases, shadow figures have been caught on film and have been observed by more than one person at the same time.

Next time you catch that fleeting movement out of the corner of your eye, will you know for certain what it was?



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