Below is a list including a number of interesting paranormal investigations that Wexford Paranormal has carried out since January 2011.

Please note that a number of investigations are not listed as they may have been deemed to be sensitiveA person who can supposedly see or feel ghosts, spirits and ..., etc. We also no longer draw reference to private investigations and investigations/research that we feel is not relevant.



19/02/2011 Loftus Hall Investigation
28/02/2011 Wicklow Gaol Investigation
14/03/2011 Hook Lighthouse Preliminary Investigation
18/03/2011 Wicklow Gaol Investigation
24/03/2011 Undisclosed Investigation
08/04/2011 Duncannon Fort Investigation
13/04/2011 National 1798 Centre, Enniscorthy Investigation
27/04/2011 Private Residence, Gorey Investigation
09/05/2011 Enniscorthy Castle Investigation
12/06/2011 National 1798 Centre, Enniscorthy
with Irish Ghost Hunters
24/06/2011 Enniscorthy Castle Public Investigation
27/07/2011 Athenaeum Thretre, Enniscorthy Preliminary Investigation
10/08/2011 Private Residence Investigation
07/09/2011 Private Residence Investigation
14/10/2011 Enniscorthy Castle
with South East Radio
Investigation / Halloween Special
28/10/2011 Enniscorthy Cstle Public Investigation
25/11/2011 National 1798 Centre, Enniscorthy Investigation
09/03/2012 Private Residence Investigation
06/04/2012 Private Residence Investigation
24/04/2012 Enniscorthy Castle Team Visit
06/05/2012 Enniscorthy Castle Public Investigation
19/05/2012 Ducketts Grove
with KIPS and ECHO
Joint Investigation
22/05/2012 Enniscorthy Castle with BEAT FM Private investigation
03/06/2012 Enniscorthy Castle
for StrawberryFest 2012
Public Investigation
15/06/2012 Private Case Kilmore, Co Wexford Private Investigation
20/07/2012 Private Case Ballymurn Private Investigation
10/08/2012 Private Case, Wexford Town Private Investigation
18/08/2012 Enniscorthy Castle
with Causeway Paranormal
Private Investigation
24/08/2012 Undisclosed Location Private Investigation
14/09/2012 Undisclosed Location Private Investigation
19/09/2012 Undisclosed Location Private Investigation
15/10/2012 Undisclosed Location Private Investigation
17/10/2012 Duncannon Fort with Beat 102-103 Halloween Radio Recording
19/10/2012 Ducketts Grove with South East Radio Halloween Radio Recording
26/10/2012 Hallow’een Investigation at
Enniscorthy Castle
Open Investigation
09/11/2012 Undisclosed Location Private Investigation
19/11/2012 Undisclosed Location Private Investigation (Follow up)
22/11/2012 Undisclosed Location Private Investigation (Prelim)
06/12/2012 Undisclosed Location Private Investigation (Prelim)
11/01/2013 Undisclosed Location Private Investigation
18/01/2013 Duncannon Fort Open Investigation
23/01/2013 Private Residence Private Investigation (Prelim)
30/01/2013 Private Residence Private Investigation (Prelim)
08/02/2013 Private Residence Private Investigation (Prelim)
13/02/2013 Private Residence Private Investigation (Prelim)
23/02/2013 Private Residence Private Investigation (Prelim)
25/02/2013 Undisclosed Location Private Group Investigation
15/03/2013 Wicklow Gaol Open Investigation
10/05/2013 Enniscorthy Castle Research
17/05/2013 Enniscorthy Castle Research
24/05/2013 Enniscorthy Castle Research
31/05/2013 Enniscorthy Castle Charity Open Investigation
20/06/2013 Undisclosed Location Research
21/06/2013 Undisclosed Location Research
28/06/2013 Undisclosed Location Private Case
19/07/2013 Undisclosed Location Private Case
02/08/2013 Undisclosed Location Private Case
17/08/2013 Enniscorthy Castle Visiting Team
Down Paranormal
24/08/2013 Enniscorthy Castle Visiting Team
Irish Paranormal Investigators
30/08/2013 Charleville Castle with Spook Troop Tours Paranormal Night /
Open Investigation
06/09/2013 Undisclosed Location Team Project
08/09/2013 Undisclosed Location Team Project
11/10/2013 Enniscorthy Castle Public Event
25/10/2013 Enniscorthy Castle Open Investigation
17/01/2014 Enniscorthy Castle Research
17/01/2014 Undisclosed Location Private Case
08/02/2014 Duncannon Fort Raven Paranormal Investigations
21/02/2014 Ducketts Grove Public Charity Night
22/02/2014 Enniscorthy Castle Cork Supernatural Society
28/02/2014 Enniscorthy Castle Austria Paranormal Investigators
01/03/2014 Duncannon Fort Austria Paranormal Investigators
02/03/2014 Courtnacuddy Courtnacuddy Project
03/03/2014 Enniscorthy Castle John Tobin (US)
04/04/2014 Charleville Castle
13/04/2014 Enniscorthy Castle Ghost Circle UK
25/04/2014 Enniscorthy Castle Research
09/05/2014 Enniscorthy Castle Research
22/05/2014 Enniscorthy Castle Barry Fitzgerald with Guests
29/05/2014 Enniscorthy Castle Research
07/06/2014 Enniscorthy Castle Research
13/06/2014 Duncannon Fort Research
20/06/2014 Enniscorthy Castle “Haunted Wexford” book launch
27/06/2014 Duncannon Fort Research
04/07/2014 Duncannon Fort Research
02/08/2014 Enniscorthy Castle Visiting team from Germany
04/08/2014 Duncannon Fort Visiting team from Germany
13/08/2014 Enniscorthy Castle Research
27/08/2014 Enniscorthy Castle Film Crew
21/09/2014 Undisclosed Location Private Investigation
10/10/2014 Undisclosed Location Private investigation
24/10/2014 National 1798 Centre Research
29/10/2014 Enniscorthy Castle Steve Parsons Ghostology
30/10/2014 Enniscorthy Castle Steve Parsons Ghostology
31/10/2014 Enniscorthy Castle Halloween Public/Open Night
24/01/2015 Charleville Castle With Ghost Troop Tours
20/02/2015 Duncannon Fort Public/Open Night
27/02/2015 Enniscorthy Castle Haunted Ireland Team
16/03/2015 Duncannon Fort Sentry’s Walk Specific
03/04/2015 Duncannon Fort Austrian Team
04/04/2015 Ducketts Grove Austria Paranormal Investigations
11/04/2015 Duncannon Fort Steve Parsons Ghostology
25/04/2015 Enniscorthy Castle CAPRA
03/05/2015 Enniscorthy Castle Chernobyl Children Fundraiser
12/06/2015 Enniscorthy Castle Public Night
20/06/2015 Foulksmills Goffs Bridge
21/08/2015 Charleville Castle Spook Troop Tours
24/09/2015 Enniscorthy Castle US Tour Group
25/09/2015 Ducketts Grove Austria Paranormal Investigations
26/09/2015 API Wicklow Gaol
15/10/2015 Carlow Shopping Centre Paramount Pictures
19/10/2015 Carlow Shopping Centre Paramount Pictures
29/10/2015 Ducketts Grove East Coast FM
29/10/2015 Ducketts Grove Daily Star
21/11/2015 Charleville Castle Spook Troop Tours
05/12/2015 Ducketts Grove St Clare’s Hospitality Charity Night
16/12/2015 Duckett’s Grove Australian visitors
15/01/2016 Enniscorthy Castle US Visiting Team
25/03/2016 Enniscorthy Castle Public night
16/04/2016 Charleville Castle Spook Troop Tours
30/04/2016 Athenaeum Enniscorthy Team only investigation
xx/03/2016 Gorey Market-House Investigation
xx/05/2016 Athenaeum Enniscorthy Steve Parsons Ghostology
01/07/2016 Gorey Market House Ghostology I Group
09/07/2016 Enniscorthy Castle Netherlands visitors
10/09/2016 Charleville Castle Spook Troop Tours
30/09/2016 Enniscorthy Castle Trinity Psychics
10/03/2017 Enniscorthy Castle Ghost Searchers Ireland
24/03/2017 Enniscorthy Castle Truthseekers Paranormal
16/05/2017 South East Radio Radio Private event
01/10/2017 TG4 TV Production
21/10/2017 Enniscorthy Castle Public Night

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