If you feel that you are encountering a haunting or any form of paranormal activity, you will find yourself in a very frightening and difficult situation. You want it to stop and yet you can’t make it. It’s difficult to understand what is happening and very often, one thing can lead to another, leaving you feeling even more helpless and vulnerable as time goes on.

It’s difficult to tell anyone because who is going to believe you? Neighbours, friends, even family can’t really do a lot to help and may not even want to know because they will most likely find it equally as terrifying themselves. So who do you turn to? Well there are individuals out there who profess to know all about these things and in actual fact, can often make things worse or perhaps contacting the local Priest or Parish Priest may be an option but they are also very limited in what they can do to help.

That’s where Wexford Paranormal comes in. We’ve been there before, many times. We understand exactly how you feel and we can help you. We offer an independent, balanced, rational and knowledgeable place for you to turn. We don’t mind what your religious beliefs are and we will listen. We are completely confidential, we don’t judge in any way and we do not charge or accept any form of payment.

We can offer an explanation of what you’re going through, give you support on whatever level you need and help you deal with what is happening. We automatically assume that everything can be explained using rational and scientific methodology and it’s only after we exhaust all options that we consider the possibility of something else.

If you’re from the media or you need assistance with a paranormal-related project or whatever, please feel free to contact us and we will always be delighted to help in any way we can.



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